Staging musicals is a big part of the RTC. The RTC works along closely with the creative teams of BROADWAY ACADEMY to stage musicals. Anyone can join in the productions but a simple audition is required for lead roles. We also welcome creative teams and stage craft members to join us in the creative process. We also train members to handle stage management and get involve in the entire production.


Members of the RTC who are involved in musicals recieve training in singing, dancing and acting.


The RTC has staged a very succesful amateur production of RENT in 2013. The show generated lots of interest amongst the audience to join in the RTC. 


The Repertory Theater Club (RTC) is an amateur theater group that meets together on a regular basis to explore plays, sketches and various musicals. This is group is open to anyone from the age of 18 onwards. No audition or experience required. The RTC helps members of the acting community to develop expressive skills incloving the articulations of speech, dramatic extentions of expressions and effective communication. The the various activities, members are expossed to acting skills, stage craft, stage management and also creative inputs and outputs. The RTC welcomes everyone to experience the exciting experience of being in a theater company with a whole fun and interesting experience.


The RTC welcomes anyone who is interested in stage plays to join our rehearsals to explore their talent. Members of the RTC explore various plays from greek, shakespear, modern, contemporary and also local works. Members meet on a scheduled rehearsal according to the current project. RTC also welcomes creative team members, directors, stage hands, props makers, costume makers, designers, script writers etc.


The RTC is also a platform for the community to practice their social skills through acting and stage craft. The is no-audition or experienced needed to join the RTC. All it takes is passion, good attitude and commitment to complete a skill or task.


RTC also welcomes newly written works. If you have a newly written work or any work that you would like us to rehearse or stage, please write in to


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